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ATM SwitchingFEEL Switch
ATM Switching
FEEL Switch is a lightweight and low-cost EFT Switching System, which is a perfect solution for small-and-medium sized banks, especially in fast growing phases.

It supports multiple types of ATMs such as Cash Dispensers, Cash Recyclers, BNAs, etc. Compatible with ISO8583 and NDC and all world-class host systems it additionally includes pre-build functions for ePayments and the middleware for sales/vending modules which enables ATM deployers to differentiate themselves from their competition deploying both banking and utility payment transactions on their ATM network.

FEEL Switch
International Cards Acquiring GatewaySwitch Gateway
FEEL Switch International Cards Acquiring Gateway is a low cost solution which can connect any existing switching system to additional card schemes to earn extra transactional fees. GRG´s system supports connections with the most important multiple international card associations such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB(Japan), CUP, etc., as a matter of course supporting EMV and PCI standards. Besides the card acquiring and transaction handling, the system includes settlement and reconciliation functions.

Card Management SystemSwitch CSM
The Card Management System is a software/hardware packaged solution which is derived from classical banking environments card systems but customized not only for banks but also non-banking customers like retailers, parking-park operators, etc. It is able to issue cards in a centralized mode to manage different types of card such as prepaid cards, gift cards, cash cards, co-branding cards, member cards, etc. In addition the system provides flexible fee policies for different kinds of merchants and enables card acquiring and transactional settlement on both ATMs and POS. Besides it´s primary functions it supports multi-institutional BIN and card number management.

Off-Premise ATM Locating - F@ST AbacusMulti ATMS
For an ATM operator, the ATM location is the most important factor since 80+% of the ATM´s profitability is depending on it. F@ST Abacus is developed on GRGs professional experience with thousands of ATMs in the different regions. It combines consulting services, long term managed services and guidance to provide a complete ATM location and management solution.

On the basis of mathematical data analysis, data mining, as well as intelligent it´s self-learning function, F@ST Abacus can provide advice on how to select the right location. A standardized survey model gives guidance for location investigation utilizing multiple scoring models to forecast and calculate the locations profitability.

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