Refurbished ATMs

ACG Refurbished ATMSThe ACG Refurbishment Advantage means that we refurbish on your terms.  We can refurbish your ATM in our state-of-the-art refurbishment center, or we can refurbish an ATM from our existing inventory according to your specifications.  All ACG refurbished systems undergo a full internal and external reconditioning process and must pass a dual 75 point inspection before leaving our facility.

In addition to our complete reconditiong process, ACG offers a comprehensive and varied assortment of cost-effective reburbishment enhancment solutions, including:  

  • Wraps:  Boost brand awareness at the point of interaction
  • Facelifts:  Extend the look and life of your ATM
  • Canopies:  Promote your services while protecting your ATM
  • Surrounds & Buildings:  Attract customers to your walk-up or drive-up ATM location  with eye-catching  marketing

 And Much More!

 PLUS, you can purchase a refurbished ATM system for a fraction of the price of a new system.  Therefore, ACG’s refurbished ATMs will not only benefit your bottom line, but also the environment!  Refurbished systems are an affordable, environmentally friendly way to enhance and expand your ATM fleet. 

ACG Refurbished ATMS

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