MIS Reporting System

MIS Reporting System is a report generation system for SWITCHWARE® that generates reports on-demand or on a periodic basis. Reports may be generated based on institution, region, node, device-type, and date/time period. The available reports included:

  • ATM Availability
  • Transaction Types and Volumes
  • Foreign vs. On-Us Transactions
  • Popular
  • Withdrawal Amount
  • Transaction Activity
  • Transaction Fees
  • Transaction Response Time

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  Products and Services
  • ATM/Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching System

    ATM/Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching System

    SWITCHWARE® is an enterprise wide electronic payment authorization and transaction switching system that provides ATM driving and management, debit card management, POS acquiring and merchant management functionality.

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  • Online ATM and Debit Issuer System

    Online ATM and Debit Issuer System

    EZswitch® is a highly customizable middleware solution that provides a real-time interface between outsourced ATM/EFT network providers, and host core banking and authorization systems. The system may operate on either a CSFi supplied server or in a virtualized (VMware) environment. 

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  • Fraud Protection System

    Fraud Protection System

    FraudBlock™ is a rules-based fraud detection and protection system that integrates with SWITCHWARE® or EZswitch® and functions to report or block fraud in both real-time and background (near real-time) modes.

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  • Web-based Clients

    Web-based Clients

    G4 web-based software provides a new “thin-client” frontend system. The new “thin-client” system provides an entirely new look-and-feel for users interacting with SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® and performing transaction research and system monitoring tasks. New G4 clients will take advantage of the latest technology for single sign-on support using LDAP or Active Directory. 

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  • Quality Assurance Testing & Migration Services

    Quality Assurance Testing & Migration Services

    TotalCARE™ is a program that consists of using CSFi professional services to perform enhanced, customer-specific testing and software migration services. These services go beyond the scope of the quality assurance testing and software release methods of our standard CARE™ installation plan.

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  • Alert Notification System

    Alert Notification System

    Sentinel™ is the CSFi offering that provides automated, real-time alert notification based on the status and activity logs in SWITCHWARE® and sends them to users in an email and SMS message.

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