A98 ATM Key Management System – A98-A -Comvelope© Solution

Trusted Security Solutions' flagship product, the A98 ATM Initial Key Establishment System, stands as one of the most respected secure ATM key management systems worldwide. Used as the initial key source for more than 200,000 ATMs, the A98 is a trusted tool for addressing ATM security requirements, including compliance with ANS X9.24 and other network standards. A98 offers one system that provides efficient, compliant and comprehensive key management for all ATMs. Through patented technology, A98 allows all sizes of financial institutions and processors to eliminate non-compliant global keys replacing them with unique double length triple DES keys using Comvelopes©. A98 also allows organizations to do away with the traditional use of paper components and manual logs altogether - all through automated remote key generation, distribution and loading.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 Random numbers are generated by Trusted Security Solutions, printed on double-tamper-evident packaging called "Comvelopes", and sent to you in batches of 1,000 for global distribution to ATM locations and Servicers.  The contents of the Comvelopes in encrypted form are also sent to you for uploading to the A98.

Step 2 Two Servicers (Field Technicians) and/or Bank employees each select a random Comvelope and enter the random number into the ATM.

Step 3 Each Servicer separately reports the ATM ID and Comvelope Control number to the A98 VRU Interface using a telephone.

Step 4 A98 combines the contents of the two Comvelopes to form a new random number, identical to the one now in the ATM.

Step 5  The A98 encrypts the random number under a shared KEK and uses the established host command interface to send the Cryptogram to the ATM Database. At this point the ATM and the host have now established a key.

Step 6 After successfully reconnecting to the ATM, the Host sends a new PIN Encryption Key to the ATM, encrypted by the A98-established, unique initial key.

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