Bank Branch Connectivity–Global DS for J/XFS

Banking Peripherals Management is one of the key issues to solve when implementing a new teller application, and Global DS, Dynasty's platform for branch banking management, allows clients and business partners to develop a diversity of applications for agencies' financial terminals using J/XFS standard and achieving total independence from the banking peripherals.
 The use of the J/XFS standard offers key advantages: 

  • Alignment with the standard of major implantation in the industry of branch banking at this moment, and recognized as the next standard at the financial self service environment
  • Flexibility for the definition of peripherals management architectures with the possibility of maintaining local or centralized peripheral data repositories, sharing peripherals between the network stations, using light clients, independence of operative systems, expanding logging functionalities, among others.
And by implementing Global DS Customers achieve the following benefits: 

  1. Homogenization regarding the treatment of financial devices.
  2. HW/SW platform independence.
  3. Alignment of the solution with internet/ Java standards.
  4. Remote device management.
  5. Device sharing between workstations. 
  6. Thin clients implementations.
  7. Cost saving in new hardware acquisitions
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