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Checker ATM Security is a security solution developed by Dynasty and GMV Soluciones Globales Internet that answers the actual needs of the financial market and has been specially designed for Self-Service networks.

This solution allows the centralized administration of the applications that are actively executing in the system, which resources (local or remote) can be accessed and with which other systems they can communicate. This way a complete protection is provided for our client's platforms at three levels: operative system, layers of applications and terminal communications.
Checker ATM Security solution is fully integrated with Dynasty’s JAM family products for Self-Service platforms. This solution guarantees a secure execution and communications environment for the operation and maintenance in disperse and extensive networks such as Self-Service networks.
It was conceived as a distributed environment for management and administration of security, which main environments are: 
  • Bishop Environment: Assures the correct performance of the applications that are active on the platform, checking that they will not be generating security problems as blocking activities due to malicious code, virus, among others.
  • Queen Environment: Assures the control of the information entrance and exit points to the system, guaranteeing correct and reliable communications.
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