Application Monitoring for Self-Service Devices – JAM NM

JAM Network Monitor, JAM NM, is a flexible solution suitable for any self service network that helps your business to have total control, easily and quickly.JAMNM01

Designed to monitor and alert about the status of the Self-Service terminal networks at all time and to interpret the event information generated at real time, JAM NM transforms this valuable information into alarms and follow up actions that gives to our clients the total control of the situation.

Our monitoring application controls the status of the devices, tracks and notifies errors to the different user groups and assigned roles through multichannel alerts as: email, voice mail or mobile SMS. Provides and gather all the information needed to analyze the level of service of client’s networks, maintenance suppliers and helps their business to optimize network performance by been able to recognize and manage the faults of the devices, the status of the applications and the transactions that have taken place.
JAM NM architecture has the following key aspects: 
  • A Client-Server J2EE solution that facilitates the migration process to any application server that fulfill this requirement
  • A data storage system that save all the information needed for continuous monitoring at real time (devices status, among others); and a historic registry for the generation of management and profit reports.
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