ATM and Financial Self-Service Device Connectivity – JAM SI

JAM Service Interface, JAM SI, is Dynasty's middleware that guarantees connectivity with financial devices and total independence of self service applications from the hardware platforms in which they operate.

It provides a unique interface to the application for device management, regardless from the architecture or provider used, and also allows Self-Service applications to be independent from the different providers' interpretations of the peripherals management standard through transparent access of applications to devices that are not even included in the standard XFS or J/XFS.

This way, JAM SI is an abstraction layer to integrate the different interpretations made by the Hardware manufacturers in the implementation of the peripheral management standards. By using JAM SI it is guaranteed that the same application will work in any ATM from any vendor and that the same application will work on WOSA-XFS or J/XFS environments. JAM SI provides one single interface to the application to manage hardware devices whatever the manufacturer is and whatever architecture type is used.

Dynasty has developed and tested applications that are running in ATMs from:

  • NCR
  • Fujitsu
  • Wincor-Nixdorf
  • Papelaco/De La Rue
  • Diebold (American and European lines)
  • HART (Spanish local manufacturer)
  • NCR 50xx with Kit Jolly of DCS
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