Self-Service Application Development Tools – JAM

Dynasty puts at the reach of your hand a powerful tool for the development of self service applications, empowering your company and helping your developers to reach the highest levels of their capabilities.

JAM is a complete tool for the development of Self-Service applications especially designed for Multivendor platforms. The flexibility and independence of our tool empower the capabilities of your company allowing the creation of new functionalities for your actual applications or complete developments for new applications. Is totally compatible with different standards of peripheral management: XFS and J/XFS and even with the devices created by providers outside these standards.
An independent application of Operating Systems developed in Java; it can run on any machine that has a virtual machine: OS/2, Windows environment (Windows NT, Windows 2000, etc.), Solaris, Linux, among others.
Each provider puts their device drivers with the operating system it works on. In case it is a WOSA device, the corresponding service provider, SPI, will be given. The majority of the big manufacturers already have their J/XFS device services. Some give them as WRAPPERS that run over its Windows DLLs, others have developed the Pure Java architecture that allows them to run it in Linux, as well.
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