Cash only lobby ATM – Monimax 5000 CE

TCP/IP with SSL Support
Monimax 5000CE is designed to guarantee secure transactions with its built-in TCP/IP with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature for use while connected to the Internet. The new connectivity feature allows for a direct connection without having to add any additional boxes, adapters or converters, saving time, and added costs for the customer.
From 1,000 Notes Up To 6,000 Notes Capacity
Monimax 5000CE provides customers the ability to select a dispenser option based on the volume of transactions at the site. The choices vary in configurations from a 1 to 3 denomination Dispenser with a 1,000 or 2,000 note cassette options, offering greatest value and savings.
Monimax 5000CE is the ideal solution for customers who are looking for the same look and design for multiple locations with various dispenser options.
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