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In today’s highly competitive climate, leading financial institutions and ATM deployers are experiencing increasing pressure to obtain more for less out of their operations. Furthermore, the changing nature of the ATM both in terms of location (more off-site machines) and new functionalities (such as intelligent deposit) has complicated the issues faced by many deployers.

In order to meet these challenges deployers are striving to enhance their customer interactions, reduce costs, generate more revenue and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their self-service channel. All of these goals can be realized by entrusting your ATM network operations to NCR. NCR Managed Services provide a single point of accountability and end-to-end visibility of the ATM network, from both an operational and a management perspective.

NCR Managed Services provides:

  • Optimized ATM availability to drive customer loyalty by ensuring customers can perform transactions where and when they need them
  • Confidence in your cash position with the right amount of cash at the right location at the least cost, considering both the cost of cash and the expense of each replenishment
  • Simplified day-to-day management of your self-service channel, releasing you to concentrate on the business of delivering value to your customers
  • The flexibility to grow the size and functionality of your self-service channel quickly and easily, without the worry of whether you have the necessary and ever-changing technical expertise
  • Online, real-time access to key ATM management information via NCR’s award-winning NCR @ Your ServiceTM portal
  • Industry-leading proactive, predictive and remote services enabled by NCR’s unique, state-of-the art approach to service, featuring Interactive InsightTM
  • A single point of accountability for your ATM network operations, offering end-to-end services support

With thousands of ATMs under management around the world, NCR has the proven experience in managing networks of multi-vendor ATMs (approx. 30% of the ATMs managed by NCR are non-NCR machines). It has a wide-ranging services portfolio that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of banks, and includes incident management, maintenance, help desk, cash forecasting and management of banks’ ATM estates.

NCR helps you deliver successful interactions with your customers by improving the overall operations of your ATM network. Successes range from improved uptime, to optimized cash, to a lower cost of ownership and an improved return on the investment in your channel.

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