KAL ATM Advertising/ CRM Solutions

KAL’s ATM Software suite is truly milt-vendor, allowing it to dramatically enrich a bank’s ATM end user experience. It provides support for CRM functions such as customer preferences and targeted one-to-one marketing with a range of truly multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multi-country ATM applications.

KAL K3A – The Kalignite Advanced ATM Application
K3A is a multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multi-country ATM application which provides a full set of pre-built and certified ATM transactions. K3A supports all of the advanced functions found in best-in-class ATM systems such as advertising, transaction personalization, one-to-one marketing, bulk check and bulk note acceptance and many others.  K3A includes a full featured, integrated development environment called the K3A Design Studio providing graphical, easy-to-use access to all K3A application development tools and components. More… 

KAL Kalignite NDC Application
The Kalignite NDC application is a plug-and-play solution that upgrades your NDC network to the newest generation of KAL’s multi-vendor NDC technology without requiring any changes to the NDC Host software.  Kalignite NDC provides comprehensive support for advanced ATM functionality that can be used to dramatically enrich the customer’s ATM user experience. KAL’s Kalignite NDC enables you to add web content, advertising and targeted messages to NDC screens as well as personalizing customer transactions.  More…  

KAL KTC - Kalignite Terminal Controller
KAL’s KTC is a server-based solution that provides an extensive and comprehensive set of integrated ATM management features. KTC is an enterprise-wide total solution for securely managing ATM networks and kiosk systems of all sizes.  KTC provides complete remote control over ATM and self-service systems and ensures that systems are always up-to-date and available.  KTC can be used to improve your customer’s ATM experience with support for CRM functions such as customer preferences and targeted one-to-one marketing. KTC also supports the distribution and management of advertising campaigns.  More…

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