ATM Marketing

The continued growth of self-service banking provides financial institutions with a powerful new marketing channel. Unlike other forms of advertising, an ATM transaction requires the customer’s undivided attention. Filling the wait periods with your visual messages can turn your ATMs into selling machines.
Using enhanced ATM screen graphics, animations and coupons, Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs. The future of ATM technology is available today. It’s all included with ATM marketing solutions from Pendum.
An Electronic Sales Force

  • Reinforce your brand at all ATM sites, both on and off-premise
  • Cross-sell additional financial products and services
  • Differentiate your financial institution from competitors
  • Generate revenue from third party advertisers 

Campaigns that Grow with You

  • Robust screen design package includes five screens and one coupon
  • Add more custom screens to promote more of your products and services
  • Add animations to communicate more information in the same amount of time as static screens 

Complete Branding Solutions
Our broad portfolio enables you to mix-and-match services to create a package that perfectly fits your needs. ATM Image Guard™ draws to ATMs with a complete branding solution for the exterior of our financial institutions’ ATMs including logo updates, new colors, and consistent signage at surrounds, kiosks, fascias, and other specialized ATM-related locations. All re-brand projects including decoration, signage, and bollards are performed on site, minimizing any interruption of ATM service. Combine our marketing solutions and ATM Image Guard and consistently reinforce your brand and deliver your marketing messages.

  Products and Services
  • ATM Equipment Sales

    ATM Equipment Sales
    Pendum has over 25 years experience selling, installing and servicing a variety of ATM equipment solutions. Pendum is certified under NCR’s Authorized Sales and Service Provider (ASSP) program.

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  • First and Second Line Maintenance

    First and Second Line Maintenance
    Pendum’s staff of over # experienced and certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough first line and second line maintenance services for NCR and other ATM manufacturer models.

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  • Teller Automation Services

    Teller Automation Services
    Pendum has expanded branch products and services to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology, providing financial institutions with a cost-effective, efficient and secure method to handle cash.

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  • Imaging Solutions

    Imaging Solutions

    Pendum is leading the way in offering financial institutions the latest in ATM imaging solutions to provide a complete self-service experience and full-range of services.

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  • Kiosks and Surrounds

    Kiosks and Surrounds
    A full line of walk-up and drive-up kiosks for all makes and models of ATMs are available from Pendum.

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  • ATM Supplies

    ATM Supplies
    Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs.

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