Kiosks and Surrounds

Financial institutions can look to Pendum for a full array of walk-up and drive-up kiosks for all makes and models of ATMs.
Slimline: Kiosks for bank drive-up lanes
Mini: Low profile kiosks for installation in bank drive-up lanes
Full Size: Larger kiosks for remote walk-up or drive-up ATM installations
Pendum's Turn-key Service includes plans, graphic design assistance, site coordination, delivery and installation.
Surrounds and Backdrops: Sign toppers are available to complement your walk-up or vestibule installations. Constructed of fiberglass, in your choice of colors and graphics, these units display back lighted Institution and/or Network signage. They also provide you with accessories such as envelope dispensers, waste receptacles and writing surfaces.
  Products and Services
  • ATM Equipment Sales

    ATM Equipment Sales
    Pendum has over 25 years experience selling, installing and servicing a variety of ATM equipment solutions. Pendum is certified under NCR’s Authorized Sales and Service Provider (ASSP) program.

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  • First and Second Line Maintenance

    First and Second Line Maintenance
    Pendum’s staff of over # experienced and certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough first line and second line maintenance services for NCR and other ATM manufacturer models.

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  • Teller Automation Services

    Teller Automation Services
    Pendum has expanded branch products and services to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology, providing financial institutions with a cost-effective, efficient and secure method to handle cash.

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  • Imaging Solutions

    Imaging Solutions

    Pendum is leading the way in offering financial institutions the latest in ATM imaging solutions to provide a complete self-service experience and full-range of services.

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  • ATM Supplies

    ATM Supplies
    Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs.

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  • ATM Marketing

    ATM Marketing
    Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs.

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