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Building on over 25 years of providing ATM product and services to financial institutions, Pendum has partnered with Arca Tech Systems to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology. Cash dispensers and recyclers allow financial institution branches to handle cash in a new and simpler way, increasing teller efficiency and streamlining the branch’s cash management process.
Over half of all branch transactions involve cash, and most tellers are required to handle these in the most repetitive, inefficient way – manually counting and recounting cash all day long with their head down. By transitioning to cash management technology in the branch, customers, tellers and the branch all benefit. It’s also a more secure alternative. All cash is held in a secure safe, reducing exposed cash in teller drawers, but still providing accessibility for customer transactions.
With Cash Dispensers and Recyclers staff reduces the time needed for:

  • opening cash drawers,
  • all cash out transactions,
  • all cash deposits,
  • vault buys (drawer replenishments),
  • vault sells (selling cash back to the vault),
  • closing drawers at the end of each day, and avoids mistakes and stays in balance.

Maximize Time with Customers
Cash dispensers and recyclers take time spent counting cash for customers and turn it into time spent listening and interacting with them. Besides improving the customers’ perception of better service, talking with each customer can also lead to finding out what other services they would like to get from your financial institution. This in turn increases the value of the relationship with customers.

  Products and Services
  • ATM Equipment Sales

    ATM Equipment Sales
    Pendum has over 25 years experience selling, installing and servicing a variety of ATM equipment solutions. Pendum is certified under NCR’s Authorized Sales and Service Provider (ASSP) program.

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  • First and Second Line Maintenance

    First and Second Line Maintenance
    Pendum’s staff of over # experienced and certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough first line and second line maintenance services for NCR and other ATM manufacturer models.

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  • Imaging Solutions

    Imaging Solutions

    Pendum is leading the way in offering financial institutions the latest in ATM imaging solutions to provide a complete self-service experience and full-range of services.

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  • Kiosks and Surrounds

    Kiosks and Surrounds
    A full line of walk-up and drive-up kiosks for all makes and models of ATMs are available from Pendum.

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  • ATM Supplies

    ATM Supplies
    Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs.

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  • ATM Marketing

    ATM Marketing
    Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs.

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