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Are customers giving your ATM a second look?!  ACG offers a diverse product line of durable ATM structures that will grab your customers’ attention and keep them coming back to your ATM!:

  • ACG Breakaway Canopy
  • ATM Building
  • ATM Kiosks
  • ATM Surrounds
  • ATM Toppers

Our in-house design service will develop custom graphics to increase brand visibility and boost transaction volumes.  Whether your ATMs are located on an island, through-the-wall, inside, or freestanding, ACG canopies and buildings will unify your fleet with a fresh and professional look!

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Additionally, ACG’s exclusive Break-Away ATM Canopy will help you combat ATM damage.  We have developed an ATM canopy solution for island ATMs that reduces damage caused by oversized vehicles.  Advantages of the ACG Break-Away Canopy include:

  • Canopy top is designed to swivel and return if hit by tall trucks (diagram pictured above).
  • Swivel design reduces hassle, downtime, and damage involved with canopy collisions. 
  • Customized graphics and backlit panels will enhance the look and feel of your ATM.

Visit us at ACG to request a quote for an ACG Canopy or Building!


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