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TMD Security is the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and self-service terminals. Our patented solutions are protecting over 250,000 ATMs globally. Our Card Protection Kit (CPK+) has not only become the industry standard in countries such as Switzerland and Norway but also the preferred anti-skimming technology for a growing number of major ATM and SST deployers globally.

Proven protection gives you confidence

You deserve a security partner you can trust and anti-skimming has been our core business since 2004. Our dedicated R&D organization delivers knowledge and innovation in collaboration with our global intelligence network to help you stay ahead of new threats. TMD security specialists would be happy to keep you up to speed on the latest skimming trends and demonstrate either in a lab or live environment how our CPK+ with its multiple jammers and patented electromagnetic disruption signal is the only proven protection against digital, analogue and stereo skimming. Test results speak for themselves!

Multi-vendor solutions for efficient, consistent network protection

Avoid the burden and overheads associated with deploying and managing a variety of anti-skimming solutions. TMD's collaboration with global ATM and SST manufacturers and continued R&D investment delivers a security solution that is optimized for each individual ATM and SST model  whether motorized card reader or DIP, current generation or past. 

Fast response to new threats and investment protection

TMD Security Packs are designed so that you can select from flexible combinations of complementary protection. You can decide on the level of protection you need! Our Universal Serial Bus (USB) architecture is scalable and modular to protect your investment.
If your risk profile changes, you can add new features such as protection against card trapping or skimming device detection to monitor suspected activity on your network.

Global partnerships

Fraud knows no boundaries and constantly migrates to the next weakest link. We are now getting closer to our customers and partners around the world to help beat fraud. International expansion includes a dedicated team in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore and new sales and support organizations in the Americas.

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