CUSTOM designs and manufactures dedicated printers and printing solutions for industrial sector, retail stores, gaming market and for all applications for Kiosks and ATM's; our Customer will benefit from our extensive experience when developing a kiosk projects.

CUSTOM kiosk printers are the perfect match for public services allocation, like tickets for travel, parking, banking and cinema/theater seats, maps, site layout in retail stores, stations, airports and places with high consumer flow.

CUSTOM kiosk printers are very reliable and adaptable thanks to illuminated paper mouths, multi-position roll holders, multiple mounting choices, variety of paper possibilities up to A4 document size, high speed and resolution, USB and Ethernet interfaces with web server embedded that allows remote monitoring for complete diagnostics in real time of the printer's status, email sending, possibility of loading and updating fonts and logos directly on the printer via web, without needing additional software.

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