ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)

The ATM Industry Association, founded in 1997, is a global non-profit trade association with over 1,300 members in 50 countries. The membership base covers the full range of this worldwide industry comprising 1,753,377 installed ATMs.

ATMIA has chapters around the world in Europe, United States, Asia-Pacific, Asia, Africa, Canada, Middle East and Latin America.

ATMIA's Mission Statement

As an independent, non-profit trade association, our mission is:

  • to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide
  • to protect the ATM industry's assets, interests, good name and public trust
  • to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations

In June 2003, ATMIA established the Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA) with the mission to employ global security resources in a united alliance in order to protect the ATM industry from criminal activity. Its main projects have included: the creation of an online global ATM crime database management system and fraud alert system called Cognito, best practice manuals for the whole ATM security lifecycle, and a communications program.

100handThe global ATM pictogram, developed and tested by ATMIA, and registered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is the world's only official public sign for the ATM. It is registered in ISO 7001 as PI CF 005, with PI standing for Public Information and CF standing for Commercial Facilities.

Knowledge: Tools and Resources to help you in your day to day business

  • Best Practice Library – information to protect, provide and promote your business
  • Compliance Issues – from Visa PIN website access to Americans with Disabilities information
  • Sponsors Newsletters – read news from the ATMIA Global and Regional Sponsors to find out new technologies, their events and more
  • ATMIA Business Efficiency – guidelines for efficiency every step of the way
  • Cognito - Cognito's online global crime data management system, fraud reference library and fraud alert system has attracted the following registered users:

Learning: ATM Management Training and all areas of training

  • ATM Management Training - The comprehensive program was designed to teach you about ATMIA management in an interactive, self-paced format. Understanding ATM management is vital to our continued success – it is important to ATMIA, our customers, the public and it is important to you!
  • ATMIA Consulting & Training - Our team of experienced experts in all areas of the ATM and payments sectors are available to assist your business in addressing a wide range of issues, problems and challenges
  • Anti Skimming Forum - The aim of this movement is to co-ordinate international actions and share information on countering skimming -a global curse for our industry, as well as to develop best practices for preventing skimming
  • Education Presentations - ATMIA is happy to share with our members, presentations we have obtained from our most current conferences. We invite you to view these presentations as part of the education we provide to you, as a valued member of ATMIA
  • Future of Cash - The portal which celebrates the history, role and future of cash.

Connect: With other ATMIA Members

  • ATMIA Member Database - Build your professional network with ATMIA & The Center's Members' Directory by viewing and checking your profile, inviting other members to join ATMIA, and joining committees which are of interest to you
  • ATMIA Committees - Participation in the committees is very important as our members provide us the insight, the word on the street, so that we in turn can better assist you
  • ATMIA Calendar of Events Visit our Event Calendar and find out how to become involved in an event – or add your own event – view other members events and details
  • ATMIA Networking & Events In today's business climate, it is more important than ever to stay in face to face contact with your customers and partners - our events are the perfect opportunity to network with others in the ATM industry
  • White Paper Library Share your white paper with other members and visitors to our website

ATMIA's CEO, Michael Lee shares his thoughts ~ "In any member organization, it is important that the perceived value of membership should exceed the perception of its cost. ATMIA continues to add value to our membership packages while keeping its prices as moderate as possible, since we take our status as a non-profit member association serving the industry to promote and protect it as best we can. We welcome any suggestions for improvement and value member feedback greatly."

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