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is recognized as the world's leading ATM software company and the preferred solution for many of the world's giant banks such as Citibank, China Construction Bank and UniCredit.

KAL enables banks to take back control of their ATM network with powerful multi-vendor ATM software and ATM management software. The Kalignite Software Suite is a proven family of products that is unrivalled in the banking industry.

KAL is an expanding global business with partners and customers in more than 80 countries supported by a multinational workforce with in-depth expertise.

The Kalignite Software Suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in complexity, size and location – from banks with just a small number of ATMs to huge banks with global operations and thousands of ATMs in multiple countries.

KAL enables banks to take back control of their ATMs using innovative application development and management tools that reduce the total cost of ATM ownership while providing the best possible ATM customer experience.

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