For the most reliable and highest quality ATMs, nothing beats a Triton. A trusted leader for affordability and service for 30 years, Triton continues to set new standards with innovative features and support after the sale.

Powered by Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), our ATMs communicate with the host via a protocol widely accepted as the de facto industry standard. Certified by virtually every processor, the TDL platform is the backbone which supports faster processing, feature rich software functionality such as Remote Key Transport (RKT), and smart controls that allow interactive customization via text rather than static screens.

Designed and Assembled with Pride in the USA

Triton's full-line of ATMs for retail locations and financial institutions are designed and assembled in the USA. We build them from the ground up at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Long Beach, Mississippi to provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership in the marketplace.

Easy to Service, Easy to Upgrade

With a sleek look and a small footprint, Triton ATMs have a great modular design which makes them easy to upgrade. Triton ATMs are easy to service and are known to have the least amount of downtime of any ATMs on the market. And, if an issue does arise you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable tech support call center to help resolve technical issues that may arise. Triton offers world-class customer support, parts, service and training from our Global Service Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Find out for yourself why Triton has been the trusted leader for affordability and service for 30 years. Visit or call your Triton sales representative at (228) 575-3364 today.

  Products and Services
  • ARGO - Touch Screen

    ARGO - Touch Screen

    Triton’s new state-of-the-art ATM product line. The ARGO family of products includes 5 state-of-the-art models all designed with a modern, industrial flair.

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  • High Quality ATM

    High Quality ATM

    Traverse™ Bridging the ATM Affordability Gap
    Proud to hold the reputation for having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, we are driven to offer products that help businesses survive in a competitive marketplace.

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  • Smart Safe

    Smart Safe

    VersaSafe™ - Fast, Secure, Accurate
    Provisional /Same-day credit capable, VersaSafe™, our intelligent safe technology, is a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for your cash-intensive business.

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  • Affordable, feature rich compact ATM

    Affordable, feature rich compact ATM

    The RL1600 is a remarkably high value solution for retailers looking to boost cash sales, as well as financial institutions interested in expanding customer touch points with offsite ATM placement.

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  • Low Cost ATM

    Low Cost ATM

    RL2000 - Flexible and Functional Low-Cost Retail ATM
    Triton’s all-new, low-cost RL2000, our most flexible ATM to date, packs tons of features into a small, walk-up design, making it the ideal ATM for both high and low-traffic locations.

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  • Retail ATM - Bar, Lobby, Convenient Store

    Retail ATM - Bar, Lobby, Convenient Store

    RL5000 - The Most Cost Competitive Embedded PC ATM on the Market
    Triton’s embedded PC-based RL5000 has changed the way people think about ATMs. This model offers a stunning 10.4 inch LCD display and a long list of value-added transactions – all at a much lower price point than other PC-based machines

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  • Financial Through-the-Wall ATM

    Financial Through-the-Wall ATM

    FT5000 - High Volume, Reliable ATM You can Afford
    For years, the ATM industry has trusted Triton for innovative technology that's practical and cost efficient, and Triton has delivered again with the FT5000, a versatile through-the-wall ATM that offers high performance for a surprisingly low investment.

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  • ATM Remote Monitoring

    ATM Remote Monitoring

    Triton Connect - Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs
    This cutting edge ATM monitoring software operates from your personal computer and allows you complete control of your Triton ATMs running Triton Standard. With Triton Connect you can easily monitor the status of one or all of your ATMs from a single PC.

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