ADA Compliance
Blind representatives have approached banks and other ATM owners about improving blind users' access to ATMs, relying on the 1992 Americans With Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines ("ADAAG") requirement that ATMs be "accessible to and independently usable by persons with vision impairments."  ADAAG provides the technical requirements for making facilities accessible.  The related regulation, which interprets the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"), is promulgated by the Department of Justice and dictates which facilities must be accessible.

Associations / Conferences
News and info about the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and its conferences, as well as other associations and conferences that affect the ATM industry. This includes BAI and EFTA.

ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit
The future of payments has never been as exciting as right now. This inaugural event promises to be the best event of the year for experts in ATMs and mobile payments, as well as government officials, bank executives, regulators, security experts and other industry insiders. Learn more.

ATM Innovation
Information about new and emerging technologies currently setting the direction and pace of change in the ATM and financial services industries — with a focus on both improving the customer’s experience and increasing the deployer’s profitability.

Bank / Credit Union
Get the latest news and trends about ATMs at banks and credit unions, including compliance with industry guidelines like ADA to personalization and customer relationship management.

Bank Automation
Today's bank branches utilize more self-service and automation technologies than just the ATM. Check out this Research Center to learn about the latest bank branch automation and teller automation technologies.

Digital currency Bitcoin is catching on worldwide, spinning off an entire new industry of money exchanges and self-service devices. It's also getting scrutiny from government regulators around the globe. Learn about all the latest developments here.

Discover how to craft an effective brand message for your product or service — and then learn how to deploy it effectively as well, by developing a comprehensive branding strategy that will build awareness and bring in new business.

Card readers, cash dispensers, PIN pads, receipt printers and monitors are some of the basic hardware components that go into all ATMs. Many ATMs also have components for wireless connectivity, check scanning, or even dispensing gift cards.

Deposits / Check 21
The deposit automation revolution began in 2004 with the passage of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, better known as Check 21. This Research Center will help you stay on top of current and future trends in deposit automation.

Distributors / ISO / IAD
Get the latest news and information about ATM distributors, independent sales organizations (ISOs), independent ATM deployers (IADs).

EMV-chip cards have proven effective at combatting ATM fraud. This Research Center offers the latest news and information about EMV cards, standards and compliance.

Enclosures / Surrounds
ATM enclosures and surrounds help attract customers, protect the ATM in harsh environments and keep the machine secure. Check out this Research Center to learn more about how enclosures and surrounds affect the performance of the ATM.

Installation / Deployment
Learn best practices for ATM installation and deployment, plus get news and information about companies that provide installation/deployment services.

The latest news and information about major ATM manufacturers around the world.

Mobile Banking
Advances in mobile banking are happening almost as fast as advances in smart phone technology. This Research Center will help you stay on top of mobile banking trends.

Networking / Connectivity
When an ATM spits out your cash, it's the culmination of an amazingly fast flurry of network activity. Learn more in the ATM Networking and Connectivity Research Center.

Many ATM deployers outsource ATM fleet management to one firm that handles everything from cash management to transaction processing to software upgrades and more. This Research Center focuses on the benefits and execution of ATM outsourcing.

Refurbished / Used ATMs
Buying refurbished or used ATMs can be an affordable, environmentally friendly way to expand your ATM footprint. Learn more in this Research Center dedicated to refurbished/used ATMs.

Regulatory Issues
Keep abreast of the laws and regulations governing the ATM industry.

Retail / Off-Premises
Deploying retail ATMs in off-premises locations allows banks and credit unions to meet customer demands for convenient access to cash. They can also be a boon to the retailer. Learn more about retail ATMs in this Research Center.

Theft, skimming and other types of ATM fraud and scams are a constant concern for ATM operators. This Research Center focuses on best practices in ATM security and fraud prevention.

Service / Parts
Keeping an ATM up and running requires service and parts. In the ATM Service and Parts Research Center you'll learn about the many options for repairing and maintaining your ATMs.

Stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in ATM software. From advanced functions to the ability to deploy a unified platform across a multivendor network, ATM software is changing the way ATMs do business.

Transaction Processing
Transaction processing is a core function of the ATM business equation. This Research Center focuses on ATM transaction processing and the companies who provide processing services.

Trends / Statistics
What trends will affect the ATM industry over the next one, five or ten years? Find out in this Research Center dedicated to ATM trends and statistics.

Vault Cash / Cash Management
Efficient vault cash management is a critical component of managing an ATM fleet. This Research Center focuses on best practices for cash management and vault cash replenishment.

Wireless ATMs offer new opportunities for financial institutions to increase transactions and further automate branches. Learn more about wireless ATMs and financial self-service devices in this Research Center.

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