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Employees expect to use their mobile devices at work, and employers often don't mind because of the cost savings. However, the use of personal smartphones and other mobile devices at the office creates problems for IT managers. A business with 100 "…
For most travelers, finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection is usually a priority. While a mobile 3G/4G hotspot connection satisfies some, it doesn't compare to the speed of Wi-Fi for laptops or uploading/downloading larger files. NBC news reports, "…
Diebold Inc. announced today that it is making a contactless card reader available to all financial institutions globally. The solution allows FIs to leverage near field communication at the ATM, the company said in a news release. Via NFC, the user …
This has been one of the strangest and most devastating years for weather in the U.S. No matter where you live, you've been affected by extreme elements. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, this was the time of year when we would instinctively prepare for …
Verizon Enterprise Solutions is introducing a fully managed, wireless ATM connectivity solution, Managed Wireless ATMs, that banks can deploy to their remote or mobile ATMs, or use in business continuity planning. A news release from Verizon said …
Wireless ATM connectivity solutions provider OptConnect has rolled out OptConnect Portal, a new online wireless device portfolio management system. The cloud-based system allows users to monitor and remotely control OptConnect wireless gateway …
You're on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You use Gmail, Yahoo, and online banking. You might buy stuff on sites like Amazon and occasionally make purchases from eBay. Sometimes you apply for a loan online and maybe open up a credit card account, …
Get out your Big Chief tablet and No. 2 pencil, because consulting and testing provider FIME has six questions for you about NFC. Fortunately, they also have a newly released white paper to help you study up — "The NFC Security Quiz: 6 Key …
If you live in or travel to a country that controls what websites citizens can and cannot view, then you might not have access to sites like Facebook or YouTube. In this case you might have considered using a proxy or a VPN — But what's the …
To understand how protected you are, you need to understand how unprotected free public wireless is. This has nothing to do with how secure Apple devices are compared to Android. By default, free public wireless is open and unencrypted, and the data …
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