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Cash management provider Loomis has signed a deal turning over ATM technical service operations to NCR in the U.K. Through the agreement Loomis will purchase the services from NCR to continue offering its bank customers service for their ATMs. In …
It's 4:00 p.m. and the ATM is still not up and running. In a frantic attempt to get it back online, you order three parts you "think" could fix the problem. All are overnighted and you cross your fingers that one of the three will do the job. Now, …
A strike by South Africa's truck drivers, now entering its second week, could result in a shortage of cash in the country's ATMs. Already there are reports that some machines are out of funds, the Citizen said in a report. As a result, at least one …
ATM Future Trends 2012 preview: Commentary on EPC initiative to standardize cash storageThe following is one of thirteen commentaries that will appear in the ATM Future Trends Report 2012. Contributors representing several segments of the industry provided their insights on issues and trends they believe will shape the industry during …
According to a company press release, Nautilus Hyosung America Inc. has chosen Morphis' field service management software, MorphisSC, to manage its customer support organization. Morphis is a Texas-based ATM, banking and armored carrier software …
Cash handling company Loomis has signed a four-year agreement in Sweden with the newly founded BAB Bankernas Automatbolag to provide approximately 50 percent of Automatbolag's ATMs with cash, according to a company press release. Also included in …
According to the Bend Bulletin, India is using "human ATMs" to reach its unbanked rural population. Swati Yashwant, 29, is part of a growing number of traveling bank tellers working to provide bank accounts to the nearly 50 percent of the 300 …
Q&A: The EPC push for standardized ATM cash cassettes, part 2The following Q&A is part two of a two-part series regarding the European Payments Council plan for same-size standardization of ATM cash cassettes across Europe. Click here for part one. The European Payments Council's goal with the cash …
Q&A: The EPC push for standardized ATM cash cassettes, part 1The following Q&A is part one of a two-part series regarding the European Payments Council plan for same-size standardization of ATM cash cassettes across Europe. In what continues to be a hot debate, the European Payments Council's goal with …
According to NV Daily, StrongPoint Capital LLC, a full-service ATM provider, has been awarded a contract by the Virginia Department of Transportation to place an ATM in each of the state's 10 welcome centers. A request for proposals was issued in …
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