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The ATM isn't dying, it's being transformedby Frederique SlevinSenior Principal Product Manager, ACI Worldwide A few industry watchers have proclaimed that the ATM is dead. I say that's ridiculous — it is only adapting to new roles and requirements. The view that the ATM is dead is …
The ATM Industry Association has created a new U.S. Underbanked Forum whose goal is to foster the development and deployment of ATM solutions that respond to the needs of the un- and under-banked. Dramatic growth in the smartphone and mobile money …
British consumers last year moved away from conducting bank transactions at branches and nearly doubled their use of mobile banking channels, according to a new study from the British Banking Association. Bank customers in Great Britain are now …
Fed study documents rise of mobile bankingThis month, the federal government released findings from its annual study of mobile phone use for consumer financial services. This year's study confirms a rising pattern in the purchase of smartphones and their use for banking, payments and …
'Mobile Evangelist of the Year' Jack Philbin will headline 2014 CONNECT Mobile Innovation SummitNetworld Media Group announced today that Jack Philbin, co-founder, president and CEO of Vibes and chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, will deliver the opening keynote address at its 2014 CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit in Chicago. "This …
Australian consumers expect to ditch their physical wallet in favor of a mobile one by 2021 as the popularity of contactless card and smartphone payments increases, according to new research from CommBank. Some 73 percent of Australians expect …
The brand-spanking new ATM at the Diebold Federal Credit Union boasts neither an EMV card reader nor an EPP7 keyboard. Such security measures are both redundant and retrograde on an ATM accessed solely via smartphone. To use the pilot-test machine, …
EMV has a long way to goThe looming October 2015 liability shift for mag-stripe cards used on EMV terminals, combined with recent media buzz regarding the U.S. payments industry's migration to EMV, is keeping this payment technology top-of-mind for many in the financial …
Consumer education key to success of mobileDespite ever-increasing mobile payment options and more hands-on experience using them, some consumers are still not sold on the value of mobile transactions. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, 64 percent of consumers believe mobile …
Last week, mobile carrier service Airtel Money announced a tie-in with Visa that would give mobile money users in Kenya cardless access to cash at ATMs. This week, carrier MTN Ghana has made a similar announcement. MTN has partnered with Ecobank for …
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