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Following the brutal attack last November by a machete-wielding robber on a woman using an ATM, the Indian banking system continues to investigate ways to make the nation's ATMs safer for users and cash service companies. A committee set up by the …
Cash management systems provider Tidel has entered into a long term partnership with technology and services provider Burroughs to support the Tidel customer base in the United States and Puerto Rico. Under the agreement, Burroughs will provide …
I have a confession to make: I love cash! Further confession: I don't really care how it is delivered, just that it is! Now I have to say that I usually swim against the tide. Being part of a mass movement doesn't often appeal to me. Usually such …
Expanding on a partnership that brought deposit automation to Suncoast Credit Union ATMs in 2005, the FI is now adding full cash recycling capacity with Opteva Flex Performance Series ATMs from Diebold Inc. The ATMs will reuse consumer-deposited …
Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a maker of currency handling products, and Triton Systems of Delaware LLC, a provider of ATMs and ATM management software, have announced a partnership that will give Triton customers the option to add a Fujitsu …
The International Commercial Cash Operations Seminar for EMEA took place Feb. 24–26 in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 248 delegates from 29 countries convened to share strategies, best practices and cost-saving technologies and case studies in …
Amid concerns about the increasing incidence of attacks on CIT vehicles as they replenish ATMs, representatives from India's banking and cash-in-transit sectors were expected to meet Wednesday to discuss possible solutions. The meeting was prompted …
Political strife centered in Ukraine's capital Kiev has begun to affect that nation's economy, which is now teetering on the brink of default. And, as with last summer's economic panic in Cyprus, citizens are rushing to ATMs to secure their cash. A …
Cash centers and the future of retailer cash recyclingI believe that the job of any consultant is to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and to question the way that things are done today, and to think about the way things could done be tomorrow. This is a blog that looks at what tomorrow …
Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. and Triton Systems of Delaware LLC, have announced that they will offer the Fujitsu G60 bill recycling unit in the ARGO 7 ATM. According to the companies, Triton's ARGO 7 ATM features a color touchscreen, and …
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