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The best way to get out of a rut is to change how you think about the problem, according to Josh Streufert, creative director for Weber Marketing Group. Streufert cited Akira Yoshizawa, grand origami master of Japan, as the perfect example. …
In the Internet age, negative comments and reviews can go viral in the worst possible sense. Companies scramble to "clean up" customer service issues and draft plans to help their employees turn bad situations into, if not positive, at least neutral …
NCR Corp. announced today that Moneycorp has deployed weatherized NCR SelfServ 28 ATMs in city center locations around the U.K. to provide a reliable, secure service for customers. According to the companies, Moneycorp worked closely with NCR and …
Many financial institutions and retailers still see ATMs merely as cash or transaction machines. In reality, creative thinking can transform a standard automated teller into a vehicle for brand outreach. Here are five examples of ATM innovation to …
At the Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg, Germany, details were revealed about a July attack on European ATMs. According to the BBC, thieves drilled holes into ATM enclosures, then loaded malware onto the machines via USB drives. The holes were …
The 2014 ATM Comparison Guide: Sorting apples from orangesThe following is an excerpt from the newly published ATM Comparison Guide 2014: The average consumer feeding his bankcard into an ATM has no inkling of the complexity and cost involved in the process he's just initiated. He's not wasting a thought …
GetBranded.com, a branding solutions provider, and Burroughs, an ATM maintenance and support provider, have teamed up to provide nationwide ATM and kiosk branding installation services. The partnership allows GetBranded.com to offer a turnkey, …
Fully illuminated ATM wall surrounds used by major banks such as Wells Fargo and Chase are extremely complicated and costly to fabricate, requiring detailed site surveys to determine the exact location for the ATM opening and the LEDs behind the …
ICICI Bank Ltd. has launched its "Branch on Wheels" as part of a financial inclusion plan that aims to provide banking services to unbanked villages in India. The initiative is the first of its kind to be implemented by one of the country's private …
In 2012, in the midst of financial collapse, the Spanish banking industry closed 1,963 — 5 percent — of all branches, leaving some towns with no bank access at all. Now one FI is trying to fill the gap. According to a report in The …
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