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Diebold, Inc., has reached a settlement in a patent lawsuit it filed in February in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. According to a news release, the suit brought several allegations against NuSource Financial Inc. of Eden …
EMV: Where do I even start?!by Daryl Cornell If you're a U.S. ISO, the mere mention of EMV conversion is probably enough to send shivers down your spine. While the staggering cost and effort involved in upgrading 300,000 retail ATMs to EMV may be interesting, of immediate …
TestLink Ltd., a U.K.-based company specializing in ATM refurbishment and manufacturing, has announced the acquisition of the ATM product and service solution provider Airis ATM Technologies, based in Cincinnati. The acquisition provides the company …
From late 2011 to 2012, there was no shortage of needs to fill for bank customers and their ATMs. ADA upgrades were hot and doing nothing was not an option — at least for financial institutions that cared about compliance! So far, 2013 has had …
7 ways ATMs are going green (and not just dispensing it)Companies are finding out that eco-friendly practices aren't just good for the brand image, they're also good for the bottom line; 37 percent of organizations reported a profit from their sustainability efforts last year, according to a survey by …
50 shades of ADAI bank at a regional FI with 400-plus locations, including a nearby branch with a drive-up ATM. Recently, I noticed that the keypad had just one raised dot on the number five key — no Braille instructions elsewhere to tell users how to …
ATM refurbishment: A global concernEditor's note: ATM Marketplace is pleased to introduce new blogger Matthias Thiele of ACG. He will post regularly on ideas and issues relating to ATM parts and refurbishment. Hallo ATM Marketplatz! My name is Matthias Thiele, and as you may have …
Long(er) live the ATM!Does it have to be new, or will refurbished do? For the ATM industry, it's a simple question without a simple answer. Every option is its own Pandora's box, opening up new questions about ROI, maintenance costs, capabilities (now and in the future), …
Don't junk that ATM!In a follow-up to this commentary from Triton, ATM Marketplace will look at factors that are expected to drive supply and demand for refurbished ATMs in the near future. As regulatory requirements change to make ATMs more accessible (e.g., adding …
As 2012 comes to a close, it's good to look back at ADA implementation to see what we learned from it — and where it might take us in 2013 and beyond. Believe it or not, some financial institutions still are not compliant, which means there …
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