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The power of touchConsumers of all ages have now moved from a level of comfort to almost an expectation that the devices they interact with on a daily basis contain touchscreen functionality. Certainly nearly all consumer electronic devices now have touchscreens. It …
Bulgaria's Teximbank has embarked on a nationwide rollout of Diebold Opteva touchscreen ATMs, with installation by payment solutions and outsourced services provider Mellon Bulgaria EAD. The new ATMs are the first touchscreen models to go live in …
There is one golden fact about ATM Screens. It's a fact that can turn advertising on its head. A fact that any marketer can embrace: Rarely do a user's eyes leave the ATM screen during a transaction. There you have it — simple and to the point.…
5 points about Triton's new ATM star, ArgoIn "ATM years," a decade is a very long time. In the past ten years, ATM technologies in security, functionality and communications have leapt forward. Further, non-ATM technologies such as personal computers, smartphones and tablets have grown …
Wells Fargo & Co. has announced a new ATM interface that the banking giant says is not only faster and easier to use, but also boasts new features and a sleek, modern design. The new interface is already in service at about 500 Wells Fargo ATMs …
It's 4:00 p.m. and the ATM is still not up and running. In a frantic attempt to get it back online, you order three parts you "think" could fix the problem. All are overnighted and you cross your fingers that one of the three will do the job. Now, …
Diebold ATM concept gets a Millennial-inspired look and feelMillennials are not like the rest of us. In the first place, they live wired; the generation born between roughly 1982 and 2004 hardly remembers a world not dominated by laptops and mobile digital devices. In the second place, they are motivated by …
Webster Bank, a regional FI ($20 billion in assets) that serves customers from Boston to Westchester County, N.Y, has put the finishing touches on an ATM upgrade that's been in the works all year. A total of 291 ATMs are now personalized, faster and …
Cardtronics Inc. today announced that its U.K. subsidiary, Bank Machine, has added 600 Shell-owned stations in the U.K. to the company's roster of retail locations. As part of the agreement, Bank Machine will install, own and maintain ATMs at Shell'…
Paragon Application Systems recently completed two new licensing deals for its ConfigBuilder ATM management software — one at home and one abroad. FirstBank, Tennessee's largest independently owned and operated bank, selected ConfigBuilder to …
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