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The Stamp Stop: A look at ATM innovationBy Frank Norulak and Jim Noll The 25 cent flag USPS ATM sheetlet was issued on May 18, 1990, for a six-month test period in Seattle, Wash. But by that point, Equibank of Pittsburgh, Pa., already had 18 months of experience dispensing stamps through …
From punchcard to prestaging: 50 years of ATM innovationTrying to determine who invented the ATM is as hopeless as trying to figure out who to credit for inventing motion pictures. Was it William Lincoln, who patented the zoopraxiscope in 1867? Thomas Edison, who came up with Kinetoscope in 1891? Louis …
How the ATM revolutionized retail banking: Part II[Editor's note: Recently ATM Marketplace introduced new blogger Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo with his first post, "How the ATM revolutionized retail banking." Several readers commented on the absence from the article of Diebold Inc. So, as a follow-up,…
Remembering John Shepherd-Barron in the age of the million-dollar ATM heistBy Robert Siciliano When Scottish inventor John Shepherd-Barron came up with the idea for a workable cash machine way back in the 1960s while taking a bath, he had no way of knowing then that his invention, the ancestor of today's ATM, would one day …
Cashbox: Where the money is!A short time ago I was asked by Tom Harper, president of Networld Media Group, co-founder of the ATM Industry Association and publisher of ATMmarketplace.com, whether I would be interested in reviewing a book he coauthored with Bernardo Bàtiz-…
James Goodfellow, the Scot who invented the PIN number in 1965, will be honored this Thursday during an awards dinner and ceremony at Harvard University, where he will be entered in the payments hall of fame. Goodfellow, now 75, received only £…
How the ATM revolutionized retail banking - Part IBy Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo Most adults living in urban areas around the world have come in contact with an automated teller machine. But for all the ATM's ubiquity and cultural significance, few people reflect on how the backbone of today's …
About a year ago, ATMmarketplace published an infographic about the future of ATMs. In it, we showed that despite the emergence of alternative forms of payments – particularly mobile payments – the demand for cold hard cash continues to …
Used to be, it just seemed like you spent four decades waiting at the ATM for a transaction to go through. But now it really has been 40 years. On this day in 1972, Lloyds booted up the very first ever computerized self-service automated teller …
Since it was thought up nearly 50 years ago, nobody's come up with a more durable or widely accepted authenticator for banking than the PIN. So you might expect the person who invented it to be a millionaire several times over by now. But according …
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