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Overall, consumers are visiting bank branches less often than they used to (in a survey, 46 percent said they visit a branch more than once a month, down from 51 percent in 2012), but young adults, smartphone and tablet owners — particularly …
Dynamic Currency Conversion delivers benefits all aroundWith global tourism on the rise and the payments industry working to generate additional revenue (as well as added customer value at ATMs and the point of sale), the financial and retail industries are becoming increasingly interested in dynamic …
Payment technology provider First Data Corp. has released its SpendTrend analysis for March 1–March 31, 2014, compared with March 2–April 1, 2013. Notably, the decline in prepaid card use exceeded the decline in check use for the period. …
The Anti-Phishing Work Group has released its study of phishing attacks in the second half of 2013. The group found that of all phishing efforts, nearly one-third (32.9 percent) were directed at banks and another 17.5 targeted money-transfer …
Self-service grows as consumers look to bank when and where it’s convenientConsumer use of alternative, convenient, self-service and ATM channels is on the rise. A recent Mercator Advisory Group study found that while consumers continue to prefer using their financial institution's teller line to deposit checks, this trend …
If criminals can't get at ATM cash one way, they'll generally come up with another way. Which raises the question: following migration to chip cards, will the U.S. see the same rise in explosive attacks on ATMs that Europe is seeing now? From 2012 …
For the first time, China's UnionPay has surpassed Visa credit and debit cards as the most popular payment method worldwide, according to the latest Nilson Report. Established in 2002, UnionPay is the national bankcard association in China. Overall …
By the end of 2013, just 4,150 ATMs in Europe — 0.7 percent of the total — had been upgraded to Windows 7, according to the comprehensive study, "ATMs in Europe 2014: Hardware, Software and Services," by RBR. The strategic research and …
A data breach notification bill, H.B. 224, was recently introduced in the New Mexico legislature. If enacted, it would make New Mexico the 47th state to adopt data breach alert requirements. H.B. 224 would mandate that organizations notify breached …
The ATM Industry Association has created a new U.S. Underbanked Forum whose goal is to foster the development and deployment of ATM solutions that respond to the needs of the un- and under-banked. Dramatic growth in the smartphone and mobile money …
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