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Many of us have seen video toppers on ATMs come and go — several times. But today, given the reduced cost of operation and increased consumer expectations, the solution might merit reconsideration. In the past, the high price of hardware and …
The world according to Disney: The Mouse is getting smarter but still needs cash!Disney should be running countries' infrastructures! Perhaps not, but Disney could easily run a major county, if not some of our largest American cities — it only takes a trip to a Disney property to realize how well. This week I am in Orlando …
Teller fees on the rise, but at what cost to FIs?With more consumers doing their banking via apps and websites, some financial institutions are looking at in-person transactions in a new light. Specifically, a number of larger FIs are viewing human contact at a brick-and-mortar branch as a premium …
Many financial institutions, large and small, pride themselves on a community focus. These FIs participate in local events, donate to charities, provide unique community programs and make a concentrated effort to be involved. All of this activity …
FI marketing for the non-marketerAt community financial institutions — and other companies in the financial services realm — employees are often asked to carry out a number of collateral duties for which they're not formally trained. One of those is marketing. Here are …
The ATMIA US 2013 conference offered a plethora of information for ATM owners and operators about EMV, PCI and ways to mitigate dropping interchange fees. However, the most interesting session for a branding-minded marketer was "ATM Marketing …
Proper use of ATM innovation, placement and branding can introduce an FI's brand and advertise its convenience to potential customers. But, a financial institution's client base can only grow if its attrition rate remains low. As more people turn to …
More Community Financial Institutions Offer Mobile BankingA growing number of community financial institutions are now offering mobile banking, despite continued concern over regulatory obstacles. According to a recent Independent Community Bankers of America study, 37 percent of community FIs currently …
The ATM is the bank!A couple of stories posted to this site of late have caught my attention. And after a fashion, they surprised me. Not because of the technology they describe, but because of the direction in which they seem to suggest we're headed. "Which comes …
Amid advanced payment methods, automatic online bill pay, mobile money transfers and credit card transactions, we sometimes forget that technology can be fickle. We also sometimes forget that in times of crisis, cash can become a dependable resource …
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