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We have all had the experience of receiving a poor quality, dirty banknote as change in a purchase. It might even have been issued by a bank teller, or worse, an ATM. There are many reasons that dirty money is circulated. Most often, it is due to a …
Ignorance is no defenseIn a disturbing study released in early March, Newtek Business Services threw a cold, wet towel over the notion that merchants were ready for — or even informed about — the changes coming with EMV. Of more than 1,400 merchants polled by …
Massachusetts State Senator Brian A. Joyce has submitted a bill that would require all outdoor or enclosed ATMs to have safety features that would allow the user to summon police in case of an emergency. The state's FIs and IADs strongly oppose the …
In its latest report, the European ATM Security Team reported a significant rise in explosive attacks on ATMs. But this year, at least, the Netherlands has contributed little to that phenomenon. A Dutch News report said the total number of attacks …
TEKchand LLC, a supplier of server-side, Web-based software applications for ATM marketing and channel management, has announced that the company's Indian software development and support organization has achieved ISO 27001 certification confirming …
Gone in 60 seconds: ATM 'crash and grab' crime on the riseIt's bad enough that these lowlife wretches would steal someone else's property ... But to compromise an entire building with a vehicle in order to do it is beyond the pale. It's a much more aggravated assault on a civil society, one that respects …
Two separate studies into card fraud, published in recent weeks, highlight the same problem: Following several years of decline, card fraud levels are once again on the increase. The European Central Bank has just released its latest card fraud …
The NFC Forum today announced the public availability of new versions of nine technical specifications, following approval by the Board of Directors. The organization said in a press release the new versions are intended to deliver greater …
I'm sure you've heard the news about Heartbleed by now (unless you've been in vacation wonderland taking a tech break). This is a serious vulnerability at the core of the Internet and is something we all should be concerned about. Heartbleed is a …
Can this bug make an ATM more secure?That little guy to the left? He's a bombardier beetle. And you do not mess with a bombardier beetle. He might be just a half-inch long, but this bug has the most aggressive chemical defense in nature. Researchers in Switzerland think it's a defense …
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Theft, skimming and other types of ATM fraud and scams are a constant concern for ATM operators. This Research Center focuses on best practices in ATM security and fraud prevention.

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