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I'm sure you've heard the news about Heartbleed by now (unless you've been in vacation wonderland taking a tech break). This is a serious vulnerability at the core of the Internet and is something we all should be concerned about. Heartbleed is a …
Can this bug make an ATM more secure?That little guy to the left? He's a bombardier beetle. And you do not mess with a bombardier beetle. He might be just a half-inch long, but this bug has the most aggressive chemical defense in nature. Researchers in Switzerland think it's a defense …
No sooner had "XP Armageddon" come (and gone, anti-climactically) than a new calamity with much greater potential to wreak financial havoc took over the headlines. It even had a more interesting name — Heartbleed. According to Codenomicon, the …
The Anti-Phishing Work Group has released its study of phishing attacks in the second half of 2013. The group found that of all phishing efforts, nearly one-third (32.9 percent) were directed at banks and another 17.5 targeted money-transfer …
Everyone is right; everything is wrong!A quick scan of blog posts and feature stories of late would have even the most optimistic of us start wondering if indeed the glass is half empty. I can't recall having seen the breadth of change this dramatic in years. Not a single piece of …
If criminals can't get at ATM cash one way, they'll generally come up with another way. Which raises the question: following migration to chip cards, will the U.S. see the same rise in explosive attacks on ATMs that Europe is seeing now? From 2012 …
By the end of 2013, just 4,150 ATMs in Europe — 0.7 percent of the total — had been upgraded to Windows 7, according to the comprehensive study, "ATMs in Europe 2014: Hardware, Software and Services," by RBR. The strategic research and …
ATMs left behind as Windows XP support endsby Aravinda KoralaCEO, KAL ATM Software Microsoft ends Windows XP support tomorrow, leaving many of the world's 2.6 million bank ATMs without software support. How did the ATM industry get itself into such a mess? It's not like we did not have ample …
A data breach notification bill, H.B. 224, was recently introduced in the New Mexico legislature. If enacted, it would make New Mexico the 47th state to adopt data breach alert requirements. H.B. 224 would mandate that organizations notify breached …
The ATM industry has given plenty of thought to the risks of running ATMs on XP after April 8. But what about the back office running XP? In a recent Q&A, Gartner VP and analyst Michael Silver offered advice for the many, many organizations that …
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