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Overall, consumers are visiting bank branches less often than they used to (in a survey, 46 percent said they visit a branch more than once a month, down from 51 percent in 2012), but young adults, smartphone and tablet owners — particularly …
Can this bug make an ATM more secure?That little guy to the left? He's a bombardier beetle. And you do not mess with a bombardier beetle. He might be just a half-inch long, but this bug has the most aggressive chemical defense in nature. Researchers in Switzerland think it's a defense …
The Anti-Phishing Work Group has released its study of phishing attacks in the second half of 2013. The group found that of all phishing efforts, nearly one-third (32.9 percent) were directed at banks and another 17.5 targeted money-transfer …
The mixed news and reviews of Bitcoin leave the public to wonder: Is Bitcoin on its last legs, or will it become a part of the mainstream payments infrastructure? What problems does this new currency solve compared with those that are already …
The ATM Industry Association has released a commissioned report on the digital currency Bitcoin and its possible implications for the ATM industry. "An Introduction to Bitcoin ATMs" was researched and written by Tremont Capital Group, a U.S. …
The online survey for the 2014 ATM Software Trends and Analysis Guide is now open and survey co-sponsors KAL and ATM Marketplace are sending out an invitation to financial services professionals worldwide to participate. Now in its seventh edition, …
The fourth annual U.S. independent ATM deployers survey will close at end-of-day Friday, Jan. 17. Co-sponsors Kahuna ATM Solutions and the ATM Industry Association are urging IADs to take the survey and make their voices heard. The brief online …
The number of ATMs installed worldwide increased by more than 180,000 during 2012 to reach 2.6 million at the end of the year. At 8 percent, the global market grew faster in 2012 than in either 2011 or 2010. These findings come from the study, "…
As more consumers and businesses move to electronic payments, countries around the world are implementing — or considering implementing — real-time payment clearing systems that allow consumers, businesses, and FIs to send and receive …
Study breaks down mobile banking demographicsA recent study by the Pew Research Center indicates that more consumers are taking advantage of the simplicity, ease, and convenience of online and mobile banking. The report found that 51 percent of American adults and 61 percent of Internet users …
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