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U.S. legislators continue to mull over H.R. 3309, the "Patent Innovation Act of 2013," but states aren't waiting for Congress to finish cogitating. Last week, Maine joined several other states taking action to discourage patent trolls from doing …
Massachusetts State Senator Brian A. Joyce has submitted a bill that would require all outdoor or enclosed ATMs to have safety features that would allow the user to summon police in case of an emergency. The state's FIs and IADs strongly oppose the …
This week, BTC China installed China's first Bitcoin ATM in Shanghai. Meanwhile, across the China Sea, a bankruptcy court nixed a corporate reorganization request by the Mt. Gox exchange, all but assuring the liquidation of the onetime Leviathan. …
The Shazam Network and Visa Inc. have signed an agreement that will allow issuers to use the Visa common debit application identifier for Visa- and Shazam-branded cards and transactions. The Visa common domestic AID and Visa Smart Debit Credit EMV …
Through an agreement with Visa, Co-op Financial Services will make the Visa EMV common debit solution available to its credit union clients. The long-term agreement facilitates the development of regulation-compliant debit EMV solutions using a …
No sooner had "XP Armageddon" come (and gone, anti-climactically) than a new calamity with much greater potential to wreak financial havoc took over the headlines. It even had a more interesting name — Heartbleed. According to Codenomicon, the …
The mixed news and reviews of Bitcoin leave the public to wonder: Is Bitcoin on its last legs, or will it become a part of the mainstream payments infrastructure? What problems does this new currency solve compared with those that are already …
Congress must act to protect banks and businesses from abusive and deceptive patent demand letters that pose a serious risk, according to testimony this morning before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade. Rheo Brouillard, …
PCI compliance for acquiring financial institutionsIn my last post, I took a look at the question, "Does our financial institution need to be PCI compliant?" While the short answer is yes, the long answer is that validation of compliance often is not required. However, for FIs with merchant programs,…
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippines apex bank, is strongly encouraging the country's three major ATM networks to consider becoming one. Greater interoperability will promote increased competition among banks and result in lower ATM fees …
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