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ATM compliance: Burden or business opportunity?In this Tuesday's webinar, "Turning Compliance Burdens Into Opportunities," instant polls on EMV and Windows 7 readiness spoke volumes about the hesitancy among ATM owners about launching into the hardware and software overhauls required by the …
Webinar preview: Turn compliance burdens into business opportunitiesSo far, nobody has figured out how to determine the ROI of upcoming ATM fleet upgrades in terms of what deployers won't pay in penalties and losses from security breaches. Of course, knowing what they're missing, so to speak, still won't help …
Webinar will examine the ATM's past - and its prospects for the future"What's past is prologue." Those words from William Shakespeare are a spot-on summary of the ATM industry today. In 50 years, the humble cash-dispenser has come far — probably further than its inventor (whose identity is a much-argued point) …
Webinar: EMV answers from an expertIf you want to know how something is done, ask someone who's done it. (And we might add the very important adverb, "successfully.") Want to know how to repair an obscure brand of Swedish clothes dryer? Google "Appliance Ninja," and you'll find a guy …
EMV migration: Lessons from the trenchesIn a way, switching from mag stripe technology to EMV in the U.S. is a little like parachuting out of a disabled plane at 20,000 feet. It's not what you'd choose to do under ordinary circumstances — but these are not ordinary circumstances, …
Webinar: What's new, what's coming in ATM softwareIs it ATM innovation that drives advances in software, or is it software innovation that drives advances in ATMs? Yes. In the ATM industry, software and hardware have become intertwined and interdependent. Their interplay has been responsible for …
ATM deployer vs. ATM fraudster: how to make sure you come out the winnerMany of the best minds in the financial services industry today are not in the business of providing financial services. Rather, they are in the business of inventing ever more ingenious ways to siphon money from financial service providers — …
On Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 11:00 a.m. EST, Fiserv will present the webinar, "Using Analytics to Improve Your Self Service Availability." The webinar is open to financial institutions, ATM deployers and ATM service providers. The hour-long session will …
On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, from 9:30–10:30 a.m. CDT, the ATM Industry Association will present a webinar discussing ways in which IADs in Canada, Europe, the U.K. and the U.S. are reinventing themselves in response to a changing business …
Webinar to show how leveraging managed services can raise ROI on ATM, branch technologyAside from the branch itself, no customer service delivery channel is more important to a bank than the ATM. For good reason. Decades of creative evolution in the ATM industry have enabled today's banks to offer their customers a financial …
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