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The Natural Security Alliance has released specifications for its world's-first strong authentication standard, the organization has announced. The standard involves access to services across all payment and financial access channels. The Natural …
A 'Bit o' Coin' and a 'Look at me!' ATMThis past week I attended a dinner put on by a local investment company — from what I could tell, the audience was a small cross-section of Denver's one-percenters. As small talk continued around the table, one of the guests summed up the …
This week, the Bank of Lanzhou, headquartered in China's Gansu province, activated its first OKI ATM incorporating finger-vein authentication technology. A press release from the Japanese manufacturer said the bio ID feature makes forgery and …
While one bank in China tests the waters of biometric authentication at the ATM, an entire nation in Africa is taking the plunge. On Feb. 14, the Central Bank of Nigeria rolled out the first phase of its $50 million plan to migrate to fingerprint ID …
Oslo, Norway-based Zwipe has developed a biometric card that reads the user's fingerprint, activating in less than a second, a company news release said. Users authenticate themselves directly on the wirelessly powered card through "something they …
Payments processor The Members Group has published the second in a series of four fraud-themed white papers. "Biometric Authentication Heading for Payments Space" discusses the emergence of biometric ID in the financial services space. TMG senior …
Following the world's first permanent Bitcoin ATM deployment last month in Vancouver, Canada, word is out that Boston might soon follow as the site of the first digital currency kiosk in the United States. On Monday, a well-known player in Beantown'…
To a needy mother, a fingerprint’s as good as a PINI have just attended the latest user event put on jointly by the NonStop user community and HP. Among the participants were many from the financial services marketplace, as NonStop continues to underpin many of the world's biggest ATM networks. …
Argentina's largest private bank, Banco Supervielle, has won a FELABAN Financial Innovation Award for a biometric identification project that facilitates the transfer of pension funds to retirees. The announcement was made by Lumidigm, which …
Just two days after the new iPhone 5S dropped in stores, a group of German hackers representing the Chaos Computing Club claimed to have hacked the phone's fingerprint scanner. The CCC is one of the world's largest and most highly respected hacker …
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