4378.pngV4100 Enterprise Class Router with Dual wireless access
by Ventus

The sleek V4100 offers wireless and fixed-line connectivity in one modular, compact device. Support for all wireless: CDMA, LTE, GSM, WiMAX...

4377.pngV2000 M2M Router - Powerful Wireless Connectivity
by Ventus

The compact, feature-packed V2000 enables multiple connections to the fastest, most reliable and secure wireless gateways to diverse...

5951.pngWireless Connectivity
by ATM Link, Inc.

ATM Link provides wireless connectivity solutions for your ATMs.

Wireless ATM, CDMA (Code division multiple access)
by Columbus Data Services

Better cost structure, more reliable, wider coverage

4380.pngV4500 Enterprise Class Router: Best-in-Class Connectivity
by Ventus

The rack-mountable, modular V4500 Enterprise router delivers dual wireless modules, multiple fixed-line interface ports, routing gateways,...

productlogo.gifContour Direct-Connect Cellular Service
by Contour Networks

Contour’s Direct-Connect service gives you your own highly segregated, private cellular network at prices that beat traditional...

4098.pngOptConnect Wireless Modem for IP-only ATMs (The OC-250)
by OptConnect

The OptConnect OC-250 is compatible with ATMs that operate only on MS Windows. This device comes with a magnetic antenna and Ethernet cable.

4099.pngOptConnect Wireless Modem for Dial-up & IP ATMs (The OC-500)
by OptConnect

The OptConnect OC-500 is compatible with dial-up ATMs and ATMs that operate on MS Windows. This device comes with a magnetic antenna and...

4100.pngOptConnect Cellular Amplifier (Booster)
by OptConnect

This Amplifier will boost your signal strength in areas of poor cellular coverage. This device is compatible with JBM, Systech, or...

ATM Wireless & IP
by ATMequipment.com

Experience cost savings when cancelling your phone line and converting your ATM machines to wireless or using your existing DSL Internet...

4364.pngV1000 M2M Router – Cost-Effective Wireless Gateway
by Ventus

The small yet capable V1000 Wireless Router delivers the most robust entry-level turnkey solutions available today. Realize immediate...

4379.pngV4200 Enterprise Class Router: Integrated features in a mid-size router
by Ventus

A low cost, innovative wireless and fixed-line router, the V4200 Enterprise Router delivers resilient small-office/branch location...

931.pngTwo Way Wireless for ATMs, The DPL Group Hercules Plus
by The DPL Group

Plug and play, ATM Cellular Wireless Connectivity unit which allows complete ATM portability and connectivity backup.

721.pngATM Dial Up to IP, IP to IP, The DPL Group Hercules IP
by The DPL Group

The plug and play Hercules IP eliminates the necessity of telephone line installation delays and fees.  Dial Up and IP ATMs connect...

4101.pngOptConnect Antenna with Magnetic Base
by OptConnect

This 6” Antenna with Magnetic Base is compatible with JBM, Systech, and OptConnect Wireless Gateways, 3dB Gain.

4102.pngOptConnect Patch Antenna with Double Sided Tape
by OptConnect

This Patch Style Antenna with Double Sided Tape is for Wireless ATM machines compatible with OC-250 and OC-500 Wireless Gateway, and JBM...