6485.pngFINsim ATM
by GFG Group Limited

FINsim ATM is a complete ATM simulator for NDC, NDC+, Aptra, Diebold, Wincor, Triton ATMS on your desktop.

6495.pngFINsim Stress
by GFG Group Limited

FINsim Stress allows you to plan for expected peak processing days and know the TPS capacity of your switch.

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL EMV Compliance Solutions
by KAL ATM Software

KAL’s world leading ATM Software solutions are fully EMV compliant. The Kalignite EMV Kernel runs on the Kalignite Software Platform...

ATM Test & Configuration Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee an uninterrupted ATM service with little or no downtime and allow easy, frequent and cost-effective integration of new...

Kalignite_EMV_100.gifKAL Kalignite EMV Kernel
by KAL ATM Software

A subsystem that extends the Kalignite Software Platform

Terminal Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee compliance to the EMVCo and Payment Brand specifications.

EMV Card Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee compliance to the EMVCo and Payment Brand specifications.

6487.pngFINsim ISO
by GFG Group Limited

Complete simulation of all major interchange formats: Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay, American Express, JCB, ISO8583 (1987, 1993, 2003),...

6491.pngFINsim Configurator
by GFG Group Limited

The FINsim state and screen editor (Configurator) provides a graphical interface to simplify the task of maintaining ATM Parameter...

6533.pngEMV and Payments Online Training Classes from Paragon Application Systems
by Paragon Application Systems

These series of free online training courses are appropriate for anyone desiring to build a base level of knowledge about EMV or Payments.

6903.pngRegulation and Compliance
by Diebold, Incorporated

Required changes for the financial services industry in the past several years have been abundant, and it can be difficult to stay on top...

6489.pngFINsim POS
by GFG Group Limited

Full support for POS devices simulated on your desktop. The FINsim POS Terminal Simulator supports multiple devices. All common brands are...

Capacity Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Stress testing is a key element for a performant payment infrastructure.

LogoKERNEL.gifEMV Kernel Certification for Self-Service Applications
by Dynasty Technology Group

EMV Kernel is Dynasty's solution to an actual need of many financial entities related to EMV certificated applications regulation.

EMV Solutions and Services
by Clear2Pay

EMV migration services around the world allows us to help you define your unique route to EMV.

Monitoring and other services
by Red Hawk Fire and Security

Relentlessly dedicated to protecting your business from the risks it faces every day, we provide 24/7 monitoring from our UL-listed, fully...

6493.pngFINsim Regression
by GFG Group Limited

FINsim uses an automated script generator that will create every possible combination of transaction that goes in or out of your switch.