Remote Monitoring System and Trouble Ticketing - WWS Proactive Monitoring Manager
by Auriga SPA

The Proactive Monitoring Manager, part of the multichannel WWS platform, is a remote monitoring system that provides the means for...

6221.pngDigital Signage Application – WWS Seegnage Manager
by Auriga SPA

The Seegnage Manager, part of the multichannel WWS platform, is a web application for digital signage to offer to the banks deployment of...

4296.pngBulleT wireless secure card reader authenticator
by MagTek

The BulleT is a wireless secure card reader authenticator.  It is easy to operate, rugged and offers a Bluetooth wireless interface....

6211.pngMultichannel Banking Platform - WinWebServer ( WWS)
by Auriga SPA

WinWebServer (WWS) solution, is a unique cloud-based concept to manage all distribution channels (ATMs, self-service terminals, internet...

6213.pngMultivendor SW ATM application - WWS Client
by Auriga SPA

The WWS multivendor client is a web-technologies based app that runs on the ATM terminals. It is multivendor, meaning that it runs on...

4295.pngiDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticator
by MagTek

The iDynamo lets mobile merchants accept secure card present payments anytime, anywhere.  It encrypts at point of swipe, providing...

5621.pngBankWorld POS
by CR2

A point of sale acquiring and payment system

productlogo.gifContour Direct-Connect Cellular Service
by Contour Networks

Contour’s Direct-Connect service gives you your own highly segregated, private cellular network at prices that beat traditional...

5619.pngBankWorld ATM – Management Suite
by CR2

BankWorld ATM Management Suite is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that gives bank staff complete control over the operation and...

ft5000_reflect_2.jpgDrive Up ATM
by ATM Solutions, Inc.

FT5000: A High Volume, Reliable ATM You can Afford

6913.pngManaged Services
by Diebold, Incorporated

Keep your operations running and up-to-date by shifting the burden of implementing and managing non-core functions to trained...

6215.pngAdvertising & OTO Marketing System – WWS One to One Marketing Campaign Manager
by Auriga SPA

The OneToOne Marketing Campaign Manager, part of the multichannel WWS platform, is a technological tool that enables a personalised...

5617.pngCardWorld Fraudtrap
by CR2

CardWorld FraudTRAP is a real-time monitoring system that enables the bank to identify and prevent fraudulent activity on bank-issued cards.

ATM Terminal Management System - WWS Terminal Handler Manager
by Auriga SPA

The Terminal Handler Manager, part of the multichannel WWS platform, performs the functions of a terminal manager, with embedded facilities...

4297.pngIPAD® PIN Transaction Device
by MagTek

The IPAD® delivers speed and convenience to customers’ PIN based financial transactions while providing a comprehensive...

4294.pngQwick Codes Mobile Wallet
by MagTek

Qwick Codes converts your static card data to secure, one-time use Qwick Codes which can be redeemed for actual card swipe data online, in...

Mobile_ATM.jpgMobile ATM
by ATM Solutions, Inc.

ATM Solutions provides mobile ATMs to premier sports, social, and community events. We analyze your location and provide an appropriate...