Teller_Automation100.gifTeller Automation Services
by Pendum

Pendum has expanded branch products and services to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology, providing financial institutions...

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL Software
by KAL ATM Software

KAL is the world’s leading ATM software company and allows banks to take back control of their ATM networks.  

5041.pngNCR Multi-Function ATMs
by NCR Financial Solutions

Offering deposit-based transactions and cash recycling, NCR enables you to provide the maximum range of banking services now and in the...

6841.pngService Partnership
by ATM Tech Network

Having the right hardware solution for your unique circumstances is one key to an ATM program’s financial success.

5189.pngCashless ATM – a revolution in banking
by KAL ATM Software

The RTM is a cashless ATM that gives you cash.  Deliver the desired retail banking services everywhere.

Capacity Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Stress testing is a key element for a performant payment infrastructure.

Outsourcing2.JPGATM Outsourcing
by ATM Solutions, Inc.

You dedicate significant financial and management resources to the ongoing operation and support of your ATM program. ATM Solutions'...

LogoGLOBALDS.gifBank Branch Connectivity–Global DS for J/XFS
by Dynasty Technology Group

Global DS, Dynasty's platform for branch banking management, allows clients to develop a diversity of applications for agencies' financial...

4405.pngA98 ATM Key Management System – A98-D - Direct Module with Multivendor Middleware Support
by Trusted Security Solutions, Inc.

The A98-Direct Module allows the A98 Remote Key module to talk directly to the ATM during a terminal master key remote key exchange.

Kalignite_Software_Platform.gifKAL Kalignite Software Platform
by KAL ATM Software

for ATMs, Kiosks and Bank Branch systems

by Red Hawk Fire and Security

The Red Hawk team is made up of talented industry veterans who understand the financial sector, its regulations and requirements for...

4969.pngOptConnect at ATMIA 2012
by OptConnect

OptConnect at ATMIA 2012

productlogo.gifContour Direct-Connect Cellular Service
by Contour Networks

Contour’s Direct-Connect service gives you your own highly segregated, private cellular network at prices that beat traditional...

by Wincor Nixdorf International

Multifunction automated teller machine for indoor installations

6917.pngProfessional Services
by Diebold, Incorporated

Determine your institution’s pain points, then let Diebold plan, design and build solutions.

LogoJAMNM.gifApplication Monitoring for Self-Service Devices – JAM NM
by Dynasty Technology Group

JAM Network Monitor, JAM NM, is a product developed by Dynasty that answers the monitoring needs for the financial self service market.

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL Banking/ Financial Solutions
by KAL ATM Software

The Kalignite Software Platform provides a rich application development and runtime environment for all Banking and Financial ATMs, Kiosks,...

6905.pngBranch Transformation
by Diebold, Incorporated

Truly successful branch transformations are the result of comprehensive solutions that include a balanced focus on people, process, layout,...

nautilus_5020.gifDrive-Up ATM - Monimax 7000D
by Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc.

Drive-up ATM with essential functionality

6913.pngManaged Services
by Diebold, Incorporated

Keep your operations running and up-to-date by shifting the burden of implementing and managing non-core functions to trained...

EMV Solutions and Services
by Clear2Pay

EMV migration services around the world allows us to help you define your unique route to EMV.

5005.pngNCR Cash Dispense ATMs
by NCR Financial Solutions

Whether for interior, exterior, branch or for retail placement, NCR has a cash dispensing ATM to suit your needs.

EMV Card Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee compliance to the EMVCo and Payment Brand specifications.

ATM Test & Configuration Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee an uninterrupted ATM service with little or no downtime and allow easy, frequent and cost-effective integration of new...

6911.pngAssisted Transactions and Barrier
by Diebold, Incorporated

Enhance the consumer experience with a personal touch at the drive-up and within your branch. 

7600ds_100.gifMulti-Functional Drive-Up ATM - Monimax 7600D
by Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc.

Monimax 7600D - Multi-functionl drive-up ATM that maximizes the operating efficiency. Available as side access.

@Work ATM Placement
by Cardtronics

Our @Work ATM Placement solutions help your institution build stronger relationships with your corporate accounts by offering them...

7600T_side_100.gifPowerful Financial Transaction ATM – Monimax 7600T
by Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc.

Through-the-wall Walk-up ATM for Financial Institution with Scalability to extend Full range of financial services.

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL Financial Institution ATM Solutions
by KAL ATM Software

KAL’s world-leading ATM Software suite supports an extensive range of hardware capabilities valuable to any Financial Institution....

Kalignite_KTC_100.gifKTC – Kalignite Terminal Controller System
by KAL ATM Software

A server solution that provides an extensive range of integrated ATM management features that would otherwise require a number of...

ATM Outsourcing
by Columbus Data Services

Save your bank or credit union 15 to 20% by letting Columbus Data handle your ATM portfolio.

Dynasty_100.gifDynasty's Clients and Partners
by Dynasty Technology Group

We have developed a deep understanding of the financial industry, and also have establish a strong relationship with our Clients...

LogoJAMSI.gifATM and Financial Self-Service Device Connectivity – JAM SI
by Dynasty Technology Group

JAM Service Interface is Dynasty's middleware that guarantees connectivity with financial devices and total independence of self service...

6843.pngMaintenance Services
by ATM Tech Network

ATM Tech Network provides Best in Class Maintenance For ATM Deployers (IADs & ISOs) services on all major makes and models of...

Debit Card Processing
by Elan Financial Services


5001.pngNCR APTRA Suite
by NCR Financial Solutions

The world’s leading financial self-service software portfolio.

ATMIA Conferences
by ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)

View ATMIA upcoming conferences.

by Cardtronics

FeeAlert enables financial institutions to provide their cardholders with a way to avoid ATM fees by sending email or mobile alerts...

ATM Solutions
by Red Hawk Fire and Security

At Red Hawk Fire & Security, we offer a complete line of ATMs along with deposit automation solutions that reduce risk, lower operating...

Payment Network Testing
by Clear2Pay

Clear2Pay Payment Network Test Solutions enable true simulation of a transaction processing platform.

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL Check Cashing Solutions
by KAL ATM Software

KAL’s industry leading K3A includes a powerful, easy-to-use, graphical and fully integrated ATM application development environment...

5003.pngNCR Branch Transformation Solutions
by NCR Financial Solutions

Retail branch banking solutions that maximize the profitability of the branch network, lowering operating costs, increasing sales income...

KAL_Logo_SF100.gifKAL Remote Management Solutions
by KAL ATM Software

The Kalignite Terminal Controller is KAL’s flagship remote management solution for ATM networks.  

Terminal Test Solutions
by Clear2Pay

Guarantee compliance to the EMVCo and Payment Brand specifications.