Which comes first, ATM or branch?

Nov. 2, 2012

In Boston, both TD Bank and JPMorgan Chase are taking steps to generate a major bank presence. But instead of using bricks and mortar, they're employing weatherized, hardened steel.

According to an article in the Boston Business Journal, both banks have said that, given consumers' disinclination to do their banking at the branch, they will move forward aggressively with standalone ATM installations in the city.

TD Bank currently has more than 300 stores throughout Massachusetts and an additional hundred or so standalone ATMs. The FI is looking to further raise visibility and attract customers with the addition of more ATMs. Branches are also on the bank's expansion agenda.

Chase currently has no facilities of either type in the state, but plans to install at least 25 standalone ATMs in Boston, many in high-traffic areas where TD ATMs can be found. Chase also intends to open branches eventually, the Journal report said, but ATM installation plans are currently the FI's top priority.

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