These days, an ATM heist is child's play

Feb. 11, 2013

If there's a retail bank on Sesame Street, they might want to hire on some extra security Muppets. Because with a little inspiration from German toy company Playmobil, kindergarteners could soon be casing out the joint for "My Little Bank Job."

Playmobil has introduced a doll-sized bank setting that comes complete with a windowed teller counter, bank vault, functioning ATM, tiny bricks of fake gold bullion, individual stacks of banknotes, and for unbeatable realism, two security cameras on the bank's facade.

Apparently, the cameras are out of order. Because in addition to a small plastic banker wearing a pleasant expression, the set includes a blonde, gun-wielding moll wearing dark glasses and carrying a tote bag to hold loot — and a screwdriver to open the ATM.

The web page for the play set responsibly designates it as a potential choking hazard to children under the age of three. Danny Bryan, chairman of the U.K. organization Communities Against Gun and Knife Crime designates it as "horrendous" in a report by the Sunday Mirror

For its part, Playmobil says on its website that the company's mission is to help children "create their own adventures and let their imagination soar!" with "[m]agnificent, one-of-a-kind themes that stimulate imagination and creativity ... " You don't say.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for "City Action: 5177 Bank with Safe" is $49.99. Now who's being robbed?

photo: Playmobil

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