SafenSoft, Kaspersky Labs partner to protect ATMs in Latin America

Jan. 17, 2013

SafenSoft and Kaspersky Lab, two IT security firms headquartered in Moscow, have reached principal agreement on a partnership in which they will provide software protection against ATM security threats in Latin America. The companies will jointly market SafenSoft TPSecure, a self-service device security solution, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus, a software development kit engine.

Banks in Latin America have seen new ATM security threats in recent years, and cyber-attacks comprise a great part of these threats, the companies said in an announcement of their partnership. Some of these originate from within the region — for example, the "Chupacabra" banking Trojan that intercepts data passing between the ATM keyboard and the computer, was first detected in Brazil in 2010.

The companies' solution is aimed at safeguarding against such cyber threats. It is intended to protect ATMs, POS systems, kiosks and other self-service devices against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers.

"[M]alware … and technology loopholes that allow hackers to steal money from ATMs are on the rise in Latin America," said Abelino Ochoa, general manager for Kaspersky Lab Latin America. "We are thrilled that our award-winning technology will work in conjunction with SafenSoft's to protect customers and financial institutions from these crimes and help restore customer confidence when making financial transactions at ATMs throughout the region."

Kaspersky Lab's Anti-Virus engine coupled with SafenSoft system integrity preservation modules provides protection from both known and "zero day" threats, the companies said. SafenSoft and Kaspersky Lab are recognized experts in their industry sectors and have been providing information security solutions on a global level for several years.

"Latin American banks begin to take ATM software protection seriously," said SafenSoft CEO Mikhail Kalinichenko."This issue should have already been considered a long time ago, but, sadly, there were no quality products in the region, and hackers have been leaving banks behind. SafenSoft TPSecure's appearance in the Latin American market will shift the balance of power to the defense side; this is good news for banks and their clients and bad news for cybercriminals."

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