REPORT: ATM Marketplace launches in-depth guide about ATM, kiosk enclosures

Dec. 12, 2007
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — ATM Marketplace, in partnership with Companion Systems Design & Manufacturing, has published a new guide about ATM and kiosk enclosures and surrounds. The in-depth report covers everything from materials and complying with guidelines such as those outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act to environmental concerns and branding. And with input from an array of industry experts, this free guide is geared toward all types of ATM deployers.
Al Tiley, president of Companion Systems, says the guide's points about ATM branding point to a number of relevant industry trends, especially during a time of numerous financial institution acquisitions and mergers.
"The leaders in ATM deployments make the most of their ATMs by projecting their brand at every location," Tiley said. "Whether their ATMs are located on- or off-site, their brand is prominently displayed in the style and colors that surround their ATMs. When customers happen to pass by, they are immediately impacted by the brand."

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