Poland's Bank BPH to roll out finger vein ID solution

Sept. 25, 2012

Hitachi Europe Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., today announced that it has finalized delivery of finger vein biometrics authentication for Krakow-based Bank BPH S.A., one of the largest banks in Poland and a member of the GE Capital group.

Bank BPH has been running a pilot in several branches since June of this year, and will implement the system in 22 branch offices by the end of September. All 287 branch offices in Poland will be using it as a main method of authentication at teller counters by the end of 2012. Approximately 1,800 finger vein devices will be installed across the Bank BPH branch network.

In a joint venture, Hitachi and OMRON Corp., a provider of ATMs with Finger Vein biometric authentication in Japan, developed the special finger vein authentication device with an Ethernet interface that has been adopted by Bank BPH.

Hitachi finger vein authentication technology uses infrared light to capture the unique pattern of veins in a person's finger. This pattern is stored as a template and used to verify the person's identity on the next occasion they use the device. The process is contactless, non-invasive, and impossible to counterfeit.

Recently, Hitachi's Finger Vein authentication solutions were adopted by Is Bankasi A.S., the largest Turkish commercial bank, mainly as its ATM security. In Poland, Hitachi's Finger Vein authentication solutions were introduced into Polish co-operative banks in 2010 for the security of ATM transactions and benefits payment schemes.

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