PerfCap enhances performance, capacity management software

Dec. 10, 2012

PerfCap Corporation, a provider of automated performance management and capacity planning software for the IT industry, today announced expanded cloud computing support in PAWZ version 10.1. Using CloudView, customers can optimize their current infrastructure configurations and maximize system responsiveness through effective growth planning the company said in its announcement.

PAWZ with CloudView features at-a-glance enterprise, data center, cluster and host views to the availability of virtual infrastructure resources and applications. Through sophisticated modeling and "what if" analysis, CloudView forecasts actual system and application responsiveness and end-user satisfaction.

A PerfCap announcement said that IT departments can achieve several important tasks with PAWZ v10.1:

1) Monitor system performance for VMware ESX systems from a hosted Windows system;

2) Enable capacity and performance management of virtual infrastructure resources with a view of the infrastructure from multiple levels from enterprise to guest enterprise to the guest level including:

  • enterprise view 
  • data center view 
  • cluster view
  • host view
  • guest view

3) Measure and display end-user observed performance and response time of an application at various times of the day.

"Virtualized environments add additional challenges in managing complex server environments," said Prem Sinha, CEO of PerfCap. "These new CloudView features provide IT organizations with state-of-the-art tools to effectively manage their virtual infrastructure."

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