National ATM Council, Aconite join the EMV Migration Forum

Dec. 6, 2012

The roll-call of the EMV Migration Forum continues to grow. In the last few days, card payment and mobile management solution provider Aconite announced that it had joined the forum, as did the non-profit National ATM Council, which represents the interests of ATM industry IADs. The forum was created by the Smart Card Alliance to help pave the way for EMV smart card migration in the United States.

In its announcement, Aconite said it has years of experience in the implementation of EMV programs and an in-depth understanding of smart cards and EMV payments. The company said that to support EMV migration in the U.S., it would be proposing its Smart EMV Manager software and Affina Enterprise smart card and application management system, which form the basis for the further migration to NFC (contactless) technology.

"Having Aconite as a member of the EMV Migration Forum adds valuable expertise to the Forum that they have acquired from successful EMV rollouts in other regions," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance and acting director of the EMV Migration Forum.

In its announcement, the NAC said that in order to provide constructive input to the forum and other venues, it previously had formed its own internal EMV working group. This group has been engaged in gathering information and identifying ATM-related issues posed by EMV technology — knowledge that it will contribute to the forum.

"The complexity and diversity of the ATM and underlying financial services industries in the U.S. is far greater than exists in Canada and other nations that have implemented EMV within their borders, magnifying the challenges here at home for all concerned," said NAC executive director Bruce Renard. "NAC is participating in the EMV Migration Forum with hopes of helping to identify and resolve the ATM-related EMV issues in a cooperative and constructive manner before the migration process proceeds."  

"Having The National ATM Council join the EMV Migration Forum will add a significant resource to help the Forum better evaluate and address the special challenges associated with EMV implementation for ATMs here in the U.S.," said Vanderhoof. "The Forum values and appreciates NAC's involvement and looks forward to its assistance in helping the Forum be proactive in considering those EMV implementation issues that may be ATM specific." 

For more on this topic, visit the EMV research center.

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