It's payback time for some ATM users in Thailand

Jan. 2, 2013

Customers of the Government Savings Bank in Sukhothai, Thailand thought their luck was in when ATMs began paying out double last Friday. But their good fortune was not to last: The bank has announced that it plans to recover the money that was mistakenly dispensed.

According to the Bangkok Post, the incident at one of the bank’s branch ATMs was caused by a computer glitch that has now been identified and fixed. The bank has said that it will now begin reviewing CCTV recordings in order to identify customers who were overpaid in order to recoup losses from those cardholders.

When a similar event occurred last July at a Lloyds TSB branch in Ipswich, England, the bank said it would not attempt to recover money dispensed in error.

In yet another computer glitch on New Year's Eve, reported by The Times, customers of Lloyds and Halifax banks in the U.K. found themselves completely unable to withdraw cash, forcing some of them to change or cancel their celebration plans, according to tweets from unhappy customers.

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