IAD ready for new Mandela banknotes

Nov. 6, 2012

ATM Solutions, southern Africa's largest IAD, has announced that it is fully prepared for the rollout of South Africa's new Mandela series bank notes by the nation's reserve bank. The company said it has tested all of its dispensing cartridges with the new notes and is satisfied that they will be seamlessly dispensed. 

"The new bank notes will have absolutely no problems in being dispensed by every ATM in our network of over 4,500 machines," said Wayne Abramson, CEO of ATM Solutions

ATM Solutions machines use a friction feed system that dispenses notes either individually or in a bundle. Even a slight change to the width or thickness of notes could affect the sensitive calibration of the mechanism. 

"Tests performed on the [Mandela] notes using our dispenser mechanisms were successful, and no adjustments or alterations have been made whatsoever," Abramson said. "We would also like to thank SARB for their assistance in providing us with notes to test. 

The new notes feature enhanced safety features such as watermarks, micro-printing, raised printing for the visually impaired, and unique numbering. ATM Solutions welcomes the new currency: "ATM vandalism, fraud and the circulation of counterfeit money all undermine the functioning of a healthy economy and tarnish our currency," the company said. "It's great that measures to prevent these crimes are increasingly in place in South Africa." 

For more on this topic, visit the distributor/ISO/IAD research center.

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